Artist’s Way: Week 3 Check-In

9 Apr

1.) How many days this week did you do your morning pages?

Once again, this proud imaginator is proud to announce that he rocked through all 7 days of the morning pages! I was quite the loyal servant to the page, both on time and with the release of emotion. I’ve been able to cut down my writing time to 18 minutes. Though I still find my writing endurance fading midway through the second page, I hope to see that endurance increase in future weeks. I don’t see the immediate effects of these morning pages, but I believe in them, and I especially boast a proud smile when I place the bookmark in the journal. I’ve only made made it through 25% of the course, and more than half of the journal is full with exactly 63 pages penned.

2.) Did you do your artist date this week? 

This week was a double-header all in the name of science! Sadly, these dates failed to blind me with science. Though, I don’t regret either of them. Both of the dates were intended as “inspiration trips” much like what you can see on Syfy’s Monster Man show, where the artist working on a project goes somewhere to further enlighten the process of that particular project. For me, I’m eager to send out a picture book based on stars, the galaxy kind. Consequently, on Friday I paid a visit to the Buffalo Museum of Science. It’s been at least 15 years since I’ve been there, and it’s certainly seen better days. Regardless, I made the best of it. Though I wasn’t “inspired” by the space area, I was able to take a lot of information from the “body/health” exhibit. As a bonus, on my way out I ran into my cousin’s cousin and her family and was able to enjoy a hot cup of talk and watch her adorable daughters play in the children’s room. The second artist date was on Saturday at Buffalo State College’s Insert-Name-Here-That-I-Forgot Planetarium. I made a reservation for one (technically two, since my “artist self” came along as well), and slouched my way into the snug 60 seat theatre of the stars. I ABHORED (GRE word bonus!) the presentation, as it basically just a student made power point slideshow projected on the globe ceiling screen. It was only at the very end, that the staff darkened the room and treated us to a 30 second look at the twinkling skylight. I scored a 15 minute nap, but more importantly grabbed some needed details about planetariums for my story and eavesdropped on everyday children’s conversations which are always helpful for a kidlit author. While my muse didn’t meet me there, I was happy to break out of the comfort zone a bit and re-visit a childhood relic and travel to someplace for the first time.

3.) Did you experience any synchronicity this week?

For those who aren’t aware, Julia Cameroon describes synchronicity as “lucky breaks,” which are anything but lucky and rather the doing of the universe to help us realize our creative goals. Now if I had won the $640 million dollar mega-million jackpot, I would say that I had some amazing synchronicity this week. That didn’t happen, but I can’t ignore the little but important things that did. A lead for a SUPER COOL CAN’T WAIT TO QUERY IT TO MAGAZINE STORIES contacted me with her phone number, I just have to pick up that phone now and get permission for an interview. If successful, I have high hopes for this feature piece. The universe did make me aware of a huge comic book convention in Toronto, occurring in just two weeks, which could be helpful. I usually have more syncrhonicity, but I’m not alarmed by this week’s lack of or my inability to realize them. There will be more in the future, I am certain of it.

4.) Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? 

While I won’t admit to any profound changes in my creative life, I believe progress is already showing. During Week 3, I revised two of my picture books, one of which I feel is nearing completion and just a final edit away from sending to a prospective publisher. I have noticed how my productivity in other changes has been inconsistent. Perhaps this is because I don’t deem them as significant. However, studying for the GRE at this time is of dire importance and I hope I can rally my time to pursue an honored score. In addition, I spent more time at the library and at Barnes and Noble then in recent week, which shows I am actively removing myself from idleness to be more productive.


In regards to the Night Pages, I’m sad to report that for the second straight week I missed one of the days. It occurred on Monday, the first day. In regards to blog posts, I fell one short, as I only posted once this week for CraveCoasters. Happily, I was able to post my desired two posts for both CraveWriting and RingWriters. I’m delightfully shocked to see how RingWriters receives more hits per day than CraveCoasters and CraveWriting. On another avenue of creativity my dedication to learning how to draw is taking off. I began using a wonderful book called Face Off, geared towards developing one’s caricature drawing skills. As commanded by the author, I drew my required random 10 caricature sketches for both Saturday and Sunday. I also began a new tradition by returning to the Queen City Comic Book Store and purchasing my allotted comic book for the week. While I’m hungry for more, this one comic per week dosage serves as a wonderful treat for the week, while not costing a lot nor consuming too much time. Well, I did cheat when I ordered “Return to Labyrinth: Volume 1,” an English manga comic book based on Jim Henson’s classic film, and one of my favorites, starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly and a host of adorably creepy muppets. I was also tempted to drive back to the comic store several times this week. And I almost purchased the bond Brightest Day Green Arrow comic book volume. This amazes me since I’ve only read two comic books in my entire life. In the past two weeks, I’ve read three. I’m happy to embrace this new obsession, permitting I can prevent it from getting out of hand. Also, reading comic books certainly aids my eye for art, something I welcome.

In a triumphant feat, I completed 8 of the 10 tasks! Julia Cameroon recommends we tackle just five, but I was highly motivated and went beyond what was asked of me, and most of them were completed early in the week. My refusal to procrastinate should make me proud, and I think I need to celebrate… maybe I can buy two comic books this week? 🙂

One Response to “Artist’s Way: Week 3 Check-In”

  1. Julie April 10, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    You are making great progress – Congrats! I found that I always had to “power through” the third page in the beginning too. As time went on though, I discovered that most of my “breakthroughs” came out in that third page. So Cameron clearly knows her stuff. 😉

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