For 154 years, Crave Cravak’s mind has been under a spell. A bizarre and imaginative storm illuminated by bolts of creativity. Recently, he spends each day methodically (lazily) planning and outlining hoards of manuscripts. Though ideas are merely clouds blocking our vision of truth. We must clench and drench them so they may rain over the land. Through constant digging, planting, and care we can give birth to life. A towering creation reaching above the clouds to hi-five the sun. While in the comfort of the blanketing snow of northern Japan, Stephen will domesticate the clouds and train his pen to translate his wild imagination. Someday in the approaching future, children around the world, or those with parents rich enough to purchase books, can be inspired by his creations and let the lightning flow in their minds.

Remember folks, it’s not what you write, or how you write, it’s that you do write.  Start planting those seeds. Happy writing everyone!

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Love, hugs, kisses, and friendly thoughts,

Crave Cravak


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The Other Children:


A passion project featuring Crave’s global coastering adventures.


“Intelligent ideas, commentary and analysis on pro wrestling”

craveVSworld: 日本


3 Responses to “WHO AM I?”

  1. ameliaclaire92 April 15, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    So glad I happened upon your blog today. You’ve gained another follower. 🙂

    • cravevsworld August 2, 2012 at 2:54 am #

      Thank you Amelia! All the best to you!


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    […] Cravat -Crave Writing  – I love his playful blog banner and the excitement he writes with in his posts! What a […]

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