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Amazing Year Day 106: The Taste of Erie

22 Jun

It doesn’t take much to excite the pallets of this family. Thank you Erie, Pennsylvania for hosting so many succulent food establishments that are yet unseen in Buffalo. Specifically, thank you Chick-Fil-A and Rita’s for making our stop en route to Pittsburgh a tasty one.



Amazing Year Day 104: Slaying the Dragon

20 Jun

While the women of my wonderful life partake in the global past time of commercialism at the Woodbury Common Outlets, a certain Lad & Dad duo went back in time at one of America’s classic treasures: Rye’s Playland Park. Grabbing four coaster credits, the highlight was the wooden Dragon coaster and the troll themed Old Mill ride.


Amazing Year Day 105: Going Down

20 Jun

Back in Buffalo, the time had come to sample Darien Lake’s newest coaster: Tantrum. It’s a fitting word, as this “juvenile” coaster has a lot of growing up to do in order to impress us veteran coasterers.


Amazing Year Day 103: Who’s Sitting Who?

19 Jun

My wife and I had the pleasure of spending oodles of time with our precious niece, Emma. We even got to walk her (well, her lazy butt sat in the stroller) to Dairy Queen.


In the evening, my wife, mom and dad set a course for Woodbury Common Outlets, which are about an hour north of NYC. We also stopped in at one of America’s fasted growing fast casual restaurants: Blaze. Good on them for serving gluten free pizza!

Amazing Year Day 102: All Grown Up

18 Jun

I was duty bound to visit a national landmark: Toys’R’Us. This visit though was to say goodbye.


Sure the interior of the store is nothing like what I remember from my youthful romps through the gigantic aisles, but it is still a HUGE loss for America. Farewell, friend.

In the meantime, I hope someone adopts this new “evolved” Teddy Ruxpin. He looks like he hasn’t had a full meal in years.


In other news…

I started the morning off “right” with what the doctor clearly did not prescribe.


It’s such a joy to have a little niece. Now I can purchase picture books for others to enjoy and not purely for research purposes. A used book shop at our local had these delights and more!

Anderson’s Roast Beef on a Kimmelweck roll for the win!


Amazing Year Day 101: Coming to America

17 Jun

My wife and I are bound for Americaland, my hometown of Buffalo to be exact.

Neither of us mind the long flights, especially when we are flying direct via a reputable Asian airline.

Today’s highlight though was how we were at the Taoyuan airport for all of two minutes and a former student, albeit one of my favorite human beings in the galaxy ran into us.



Amazing Year Day 100: New 52

16 Jun

It’s been 100 days of the Amazing Year, and almost half of a calendar year. Which means, I should be close to 50 books read if I am to reach 100 by the close of 2018. Well folks, I’m at 52. #coolbeans


Amazing Year Day 99: Treat Yourself – Snack Edition

15 Jun

While we didn’t go overboard, my wife and I decided we needed to treat ourself to whatever scrumptious snacks presented themselves while we enjoyed the day in our former host city of Hsinchu.


Bonus Coaster Shot

Amazing Year Day 98: All She Wrote

14 Jun

This was my last day of physically working at school until mid-July.

Insert happiness.

Amazing Year Day 97: Classless

13 Jun

And at 3:50 p.m. the students have officially left for summer. #hooray