Artist’s Way: Week 2 Check-In

2 Apr

1.) How many days this week did you do your morning pages?

I’m proud to report that I successfully penned all three of the morning pages each and everyday. I started out in week one at over 30 minutes a day, but I’ve been able to breeze through the morning pages more quickly. I feel that I’m voicing less complaints. I wasn’t really surprised by anything other than how I still tend to drift off half-way through and that the first page seems to take the longest. But once I get started, CHOO CHOO! The train just keeps on rolling baby!

2.) Did you do your artist date this week? 

I didn’t execute my artist date until Saturday, but it was certainly more effective than last week’s trip to see The Lorax. This week I chose to “return to innocence,” and visited Blockbuster, Toys’R’Us, Queen City Comics Bookstore, and Markheim Pet Store. Each of these four stores resonates with my past, and outside of Toys’R’Us, I haven’t been to any of them in over 5 years. Between all of those places, I spent countless time in there as a child, so it was interesting to waltz in as an adult. Sadly, each of the five places had underwent a massive overhaul. Blockbuster lost the blue and the VHS tapes, Toy’R’Us overhauled the entire store down to the placement of aisles and content, Queen City Comics looked clean and organized, and Markheim being in a new location lost the appeal I remember from my past. As a children’s book writer it’s important to remember how a child thinks and what they desire. Thereby visiting relics of my childhood, I was able to tap into my inner child. Job well done! I felt I would miss my childhood after this artist date, but instead I was actually holding strong in my adulthood, which for me was an unexpected positive outcome. The results haven’t been immediate, but the memories I was able to extract are pouring a foundation on which to place my creative desires on.

3.) Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? I started the tasks on Saturday as opposed to the last day like I did in Week 1. I haven’t seen my devotion to the process waning in anyway. If anything, I’m starting to believe in this course more than myself, but ultimately that won’t hurt me as this course is designed to help me. I should have devoted more time to the tasks, and I also didn’t integrate the tasks into my morning pages. I find it hard to stop the stream of consciousness and integrate elements from the book. I will probably always struggle with that, because once I have to turn off my switch and consider passages and elements from the book, I will lose that robotic writer mood. Though, I am starting to realize that I don’t have to be “in the mood” to create. Once I start, it’s hard to stop. For someone who needs to write more, this is a wonderful lesson to learn and integrate into their daily life.

BONUS: In regards to the Night Pages, I’m sad to report that I missed one of the days. I only came through with 6 out of a possible 7. While I didn’t do a lot of doodling, I was able to focus on the writing and fill most of the page with reflective and productive. I’m still satisfied with my decision to commit to the night pages. In regards to the tasks, I also fell short this week as I truly only competed about 4 of them. Looking ahead to week 3, I’m confident I will be able to understand and enjoy them more. I just need to start before Saturday.

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