Amazing Year Day 182: Moving Eve

6 Sep

I finally got a move on with the impending move before crashing. My wife went full steam ahead till 5 a.m. She is the Queen of Moving, and I am a spectator.


Amazing Year Day 181: Open House

5 Sep

The time has come and went on another Open House. Interactions with parents can be rewarding but they are rarely a two street. This is the one time in the year when teachers get to speak directly to parents on their own terms as they present their courses, goals, and teaching style. We’re a proud batch of educators, and this is always one of my favorite nights to see our teachers shine!

Amazing Year Day 180: Traveling Books

4 Sep

Finally starting to move upstairs to our new place, I hand delivered stacks of books to their resting place. I realized, “wow I really need to learn to read faster” as there were scores of books I forgot that I even owned. I need to finish Katherine Applegate’s Endling: The Last before I get to the rest.

Amazing Year Day 179: Funk Free Finally

3 Sep

This was otherwise smooth Monday, yet I part of my brain felt as if it was shut off and I was left in a funk for most of the day. It wasn’t my lady and I went for a neighborhood stroll did my funk evaporite into serene silliness.

Amazing Year Day 178: The most important meal…

2 Sep

A productive Sunday began with a writer’s breakfast.


Amazing Year Day 177: BBQ Buddies

1 Sep

Your spouse is your friend, your family, and your lover. But they can also be so much more, like your BBQ Buddy!

For the second week in a row, my darling and I traversed our way through a hodgepodge of delicious Korean delights. Today it was all about edible cuts of pig marinated in a parade of sauces including pepper, wine, garlic, curry, and my favorite: gochujang (red chili paste).

Amazing Year Day 176: Standup Reunion

31 Aug

Whether it’s the stress of being principal, my old bones, or the desire to lounge around the house with my wife, I don’t get out much to see other living creatures. Tonight was a rare treat for I got to catch up with two comic colleagues from my nights as a standup comedian many a year ago. Our bromantic encounter inspired to whip out another virgin journal and begin penning revised and new material.

Amazing Year Day 175: Ribs to the Rescue

30 Aug

Some days you just need a hearty meal, especially one cooked by someone else. There may not be a thunderous supply of western-friendly eateries in Linkou, Taiwan, but for those “down in the dump” days, Gordon Biersch certainly provides a premium pick-me-up.

Thank you ribs, mashed potatoes, and sweet chili wings.


Amazing Year Day 174: Move It

29 Aug

And so on this day, August 29 of the year 2018, two mortal souls began yet another move. This time, up to the 9th floor. We’re literally moving on up!


Amazing Year Day 173: Oh Well

28 Aug

A fairly routine day that ended in a nice semi-long night’s nap.

The only memorable thing was cozily getting ready to watch a film (Death of Superman) and then realizing a few lines in, “this isn’t English.” Oh well.