Amazing Year Day 72: Blunt Signage

19 May

It was an exhilarating experience to witness my school’s 2nd Annual Spring Musical. This year medley was a testament to the individual musical talents of our students. We are all so proud of them.

While on my way back from the show I noticed the absurdity of the train station exit signs….



Amazing Year Day 71: More Hype, Less Delivery

18 May

Dear Deadpool 2,

You certainly did NOT bring your A game this time around. I did however enjoy the X-Men cameos, but other than that, we lost sight of what makes you, Mr. Deadpool, tick.

Good luck with your next installment or whatever follows.

59. Deadpool 2

Amazing Year Day 70: Bibliophilic Shopping Spree

17 May

Today marked the completion of my 40-page strong National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification renewal.


To celebrate the achievement I treated myself to an overdue booktastic shopping spree.


Then I enjoyed commuting home with this cute companion.


Amazing Year Day 69: Painful Poem

16 May





Amazing Year Day 68: The Three Cs

14 May

Today I took on the role of a categorizing sociologist, I posit there are three types of people. The majority being CONSUMERS, with a minority of CREATORS. Then there is the outlying CRITICS, they are either creators at heart but lack the effort to realize their potential, or they are merely consumers who due to an excess of poorly guided confidence believe themselves to be creators. Both of whom are not in touch with reality and resort to a well-rehearsed cynicism.

Who are you?

Amazing Year Day 67: A Beautiful Lesson

14 May

This week’s chapter from Pep Talks for Writers hit home hard, like in a Field Dreams home run kind of hit. I want to build it regardless if he comes or not.


Amazing Year Day 66: The Creepy Old Dude

13 May

I’ve been indentured-servanting away on my National Board Certification renewal so much that I’m putting in more hours at Starbucks than the staff. They know my name, but what do they think about this older white guy who is ALWAYS there. I try to mix it up a bit each day and sit at a different table, but I can’t help it if I like to face in the general direction of the counter. I hope I am not that “creepy guy.”

Three more days and the renewal process will be complete, but I’m sure I’ll still have work to do in a creepy manner at my local Starbucks.

Amazing Year Day 65: Easily Amused

12 May

It doesn’t take much to amuse my wife and I.

New potato chip flavor? Amused.


Peaches that look like butts? Amused.


Amazing Year Day 64: Gotta Have More Tina

11 May

Today I came to a sickening realization… it had been FAR TOO LONG since Tina Turner’s vivacious vocals veered through my veins. I don’t want to fight, and we don’t need another hero, because what’s love got to do with it when your private dancer is simply the best. Thanks Tina.

Amazing Year Day 63: Möbius Strip

10 May

Today I learned a new word for something I knew existed but didn’t know had a word to label it: Möbius strip.

Learn something COOL every day!