Amazing Year Day 135: Where the Magic Happens

21 Jul

Eight years have passed since my wife and I frolicked through Hong Kong Disneyland one Halloween-ish night. Today marked our epic return to Hong Kong Disneyland this time under the watchful gaze of the sun.


Amazing Year Day 134: Ordinary Refusal

20 Jul

The need to discover more restaurants in Linkou led me to Pisa for lunch. It’s no Italy, but it’ll do!

Keeping with the foreign cuisine trend, for dessert it was only fitting to chill with a Jeju Island (Korea) tangerine frozen bar. Yummy in my tummy!


And in the evening…. perhaps the foreign foods helped a certain urge to arrive. With each passing day, my wife and I forget that we are in fact “living abroad” in an exotic locale. While we are often tempted to escape and journey to other countries, the temptation is quickly defeated by the humdrum complacency of a dull adult weekend. But this is the Amazing Year, and ordinary just won’t do.

So today we decided, “let’s go to Hong Kong.” But we didn’t just talk about it, we booked it! Time to get a few hours sleep, cause come 3 a.m., it’s Hong Kong Phooey time!

Amazing Year Day 133: You Call that a Sandwich?

19 Jul

Determined to try new edibles, I sunk my teeth into a peculiarly named “Lobster Cuban Sandwich” from the Lobster Captain popup store at Mitsui Outlet Park. Verdict: Send this “sandwich” back to sea!



BONUS JOY: Just discovered DC is launching another He-Man miniseries, and the first issue is out today. “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!!!”


New HeMan Comic

Amazing Year Day 132: Okay Day

18 Jul

And some days you just have an okay meal at an okay restaurant. Okay.


Amazing Year Day 131: Dork-Man and the Wife

17 Jul

Did someone say date night? Ahhhh yes, a married couple hand-in-hand merrily meander through yet another Marvel movie.

68. Ant-Man and the Wasp.jpg

Amazing Year Day 130: And So We Walk

16 Jul

With a new lease on life, the time came to rev up the natural motors and thus I walked to work. What a splendid experience this “walking is.”


Amazing Year Day 129: Hello Taiwan

15 Jul

Hey Taiwan, it’s been a month. How ya doing?

Wait, what’s that you have a roller coaster game for children of all ages to enjoy? Oh m goodness, it’s great to be home!


Amazing Year Day 128: The One Hour Day

14 Jul

Technically, this fine Saturday only existed for the one hour before my 1:00 a.m. departure. It was gloriously spent with a nice gentlemen from Bangkok who kept insisting I was a rich man. Thanks, amigo!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to turn this flight into a movie marathon!


Amazing Year Day 127: Fond Farewell

13 Jul

Bags are packed. It’s time to return to Taiwan.


But not before I spend quality time with my adorable niece.


No matter how times I travel back to Buffalo, it’s always hard to say goodbye. Thank you everyone for a great four weeks in my hometown of Buffalo!


Amazing Year Day 126: That’s Amore

12 Jul

Harsh winters in Buffalo equate to festival filled summers. Locals will take advantage of every opportunity to go outside and have a beer with family and friends. Today was the start of the Italian Heritage Festival. No one got hurt, because to get in you had to pay a $5 admission (protection) fee. The pizza was no joke and rivaled the pie we had in the motherland of Italy.