Amazing Year Day 46: Go Fish

23 Apr


A hearty meal fit for a sailor was had today as my wife and I sailed the conveyer belt seas of our local Kura Sushi restaurant. While I consumed my fair share of dead fish, I dare proclaim that their french toast is the BEST in Taiwan. Go figure… I mean go fish!



Starbucks owes me royalties.


Amazing Year Day 45: Tied Knot & First Cut

22 Apr

Congratulations to one of our cherished school members on her beautifully grand wedding. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day. May you both find trust, fulfilment, and happiness today, tomorrow, and forever!

As the night swept in I was reminded of my “amazing” quest, and it was time for another first…

I purchased my first pineapple and for the very first time cut it up. Special thanks to YouTube and to my wife for convincing me to take a bite. Much like “green eggs and ham,” I thought I didn’t like pineapple in a house, with a mouse, nor in a boat, or in a moat. It turns out that’s all true. But I do like fresh pineapple. I do! Well, permitting it’s as ripe-ishly fresh as this bad bear was!

Amazing Year Day 44: This and That

21 Apr

A whirlwird of little thises and thatses greeted my curious soul.

“Hello Chinese” has proven to be the most successful attempt at developing a smidgen sense of Mandarin Chinese. Almost all of the phrases can be used in my daily life, except for the one below…


Journeying with my wife to Taipei a revisit to Baba Kevin’s for another barbelicious meal was in order!


At midday, I received a turbulent CT scan for dental purposes. You don’t realize how out of shape you are until you struggle to stand up while the technicians work through a eponymous difficulty.

Books #27 and #28 of the year were also put to a close. The former being legendary (so I read) comic book creator Neal Adams having a recent go at DC’s Deadman, with the latter the 6th book in the hilariously honest Ellray Jakes chapter book series. Don’t let the age of kid lit’s primary (pun intended) audience fool you, there are NUGGETS of golden diction within each page. For example…

“She’s a dreamer! But I guess I already knew that. That’s probably what writers are.”

Channeling my inner child, I pondered what a fancy cheese plate would look like to a kid so I made such a contraption. Only if I add this to a child character in a story it will also feature frozen mozzarella sticks on account of how “I’m not allowed to use the oven”


A Child’s Cheeseplate: cheddar cheese, macaroni and cheese, and cheese curls.

Amazing Year Day 43: Departing Slumberland

20 Apr

For the pats few days a hazy fog encased me. The only way out was to dive right in. Therefore, this Friday was primarily spent in snore-ridden slumber. Emerging just before midnight closed the day, I embarked on returning to pieces of my daily routine in the hopes of restoring good across the land.

See you on the other side!

Amazing Year Day 42: Escape to Captivity

19 Apr

There’s always the risk of things going wrong on a field trip. Not today. Our 2nd annual Science Zoo trip was an overall success, thanks in part to our lead organizer, support staff, the teacher chaperones, and the 63 students who decided to behave themselves.

In addition, it’s true that you learn something new everyday.


BONUS PHOTO: New Item at McDonald’s: Shake Shake Chicken with Seaweed Seasoning 


The seasoning is still too salty, and the “chicken balls” are quite odd. Verdict: Pass (as in NO THANKS)


Amazing Year Day 41: Stress Balls of Fire

18 Apr

They say you can’t win everyday. But also the saying “no pain no gain” is also true. With this in mind, then what is winning in the game life? How about improvement?

Despite the myriad of challenges at work, and a handful of our executive members up until 1:00 a.m. discussing and deliberating, it was another step closer to the bigger picture.

“Doing it, and doing it well!”

Amazing Year Day 40: Membership

17 Apr

Here’s to developing a better lifestyle routine!


Amazing Year Day 39: Bite the Food from the Hand that Feeds You

16 Apr

And so I returned to work. I’ll miss you Spring Break.

While it was enjoyable to see cherished faculty, staff, and students again, I arrived home drain of all energy. I would passed out if were not for the captivating aromas emitting from the kitchen. My wife was kind of enough to cook one of my favorite meals: an ensemble of Japanese delights including curry & rice, tofu, egg roll, and miso soup. I’m grateful for having such a kind person in my life.


Bonus Dessert

Amazing Year Day 38: The Moment You Know

15 Apr

“If one reads enough books one has a fighting chance. Or better, one’s chances of survival increase with each book one reads.” — Sherman Alexie

During my tenure in Japan I had entertained the notion of applying to an Creative Writing MFA program. I knew my writing wasn’t at the level needed to secure a spot at a coveted university, but thinking about helped motivate me to want to change my habits to manifest into a routine reader and writer.

The biggest red flag was how I didn’t know any of the faculty. This wasn’t their fault, as they were all accomplished in their respective mediums and genres. These were the veterans who would help shape my craft and yet I simply wasn’t well-read enough to recognize any of them. Finally, without thinking about it, I realized today that several of the flash fiction authors I enjoy happen to teach at some of the very programs I was scouring. Now I can check off that I am a routine reader… now on to the writing part.

Amazing Year Day 37: Ba Ba Red Meat

14 Apr

If you’ve lived in Taiwan as an outsider (expat, foreigner, whatever we’re called these days) for more than an hour, then you’ve tasted or heart of the glory of Baba Kevin’s Barbecue. Most savour the succulence of his beautifully cooked animal flesh through his catering, but Taipei is also lucky to have a brick and mortar restaurant as well. It’s reasonability priced with realistic portions. This equates to much more affordable dining experience than TGI Fridays or Texas Roadhouse, with room (stomach and wallet) for dessert and you don’t need to bother with that gigantic doggie bag of leftovers that will rot in your fridge.