Amazing Year Day 253: Beast Buffet

16 Nov

Dear Wizarding World,

On your most recent production, namely Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald, good show, magically good show! Would have liked more “beasts,” but it was surely enough to fill the old tummy until the next round. Cheers!

87. Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindlewald

PS: I think my wife enjoyed it more than me.



Amazing Year Day 252: Walk & Write

15 Nov

While November’s immensely creative challenge of Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) has evolved into January’s StoryStorm. I am honoring the fabled tradition of compiling 30 picture book ideas. While the ideas are flowing, they are manufactured and feel forced. My voice and style was still in hiding. So what better way to think of new ideas than going for a walk?

Researchers from Stanford University conducted experiments confirming that walking improved participants’ ability to think creatively. 

A stroll into Starbucks just before closing, with a coffee in hand I was strolling through the suburban streets. I didn’t intend to generate a fresh picture book idea, I just happened to be on a stroll for the heck of it. And then a dazzler of an idea struck: The Jerk Store. That’s all I can say about that (the picture book).

But the ideas flowed as my steps sauntered.

Amazing Year Day 251: It’s a Dude?

14 Nov


My wife and I were pumped to see Cigarettes After Sex perform in Taipei. I knew something she didn’t. “Wait…. the lead singer is a guy?” Then I remembered going through the same shock as I realized that yes those feminine vocals eminate from a person with male parts, just not the vocal chords. Regardless, it was wonderful to see such a chillaxed band in Taiwan.


Amazing Year Day 250: The Spark

13 Nov

Determined to hit my 100 new book quota for 2018, I continued the quest by adding the 81st read of the year: Titans Vol. 5: The Spark. How fitting, as it was just the spark I needed to get my groove back!

81. Titans Vol. 5 The Spark.jpg

Amazing Year Day 249: Tag Along

12 Nov

Instead of succumbing to Monday’s post-work drowsiness and drooling on couch cushions I decided to randomly accompany my wife to Taipei for the evening. I’m glad I did. An enjoyable bus ride, Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme, and Burger King later, I was a happy commercial chemical induced foodie husband!

Amazing Year Day 248: Trick or Treat?

11 Nov

While Thanksgiving is on the horizon, my soul is still basking in the sands of Halloween. Thus the tastebuds were anxiously awaiting the arrival of this Halloween themed pumpkin beverage. Silly tastebuds, you should have known better! #YUCK


Amazing Year Day 247: A Lot of Balls

10 Nov

I’ve played tennis before. Casually and occasionally. Don’t even ask me how I ended up coaching girls tennis for one season. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy what little I know of this quick paced sport.

Today thanks to my wife for motivating (nagging) and registering (compensating for my lazy butt) me for legit tennis lessons.

I never knew that when there are TONS of balls and someone constantly hitting them to you, that you can actually improve your game.

Look out world for I’m bringing my racket!

Amazing Year Day 226: Measuring Up

20 Oct

It’s not every, but rather an amazing, day you meet an old friend in the lobby of a swank hotel only to be directed to the tailor’s shop to be custom fitted for a new dress shirt by a tailor who also tailored suits for U.S. Presidents Ford and Clinton. I am thankful for such caring and giving friends, as they don’t just enjoy life with you, they also upgrade your style!

Amazing Year Day 208: Vampire Schedule

2 Oct

It has taken 15 years after I graduated from college to realize I’m not in college anymore. Sure it feels great to work through manuscripts and piling up school work until 3 in the morning, but there simply isn’t enough Coca-Cola in the world to keep your mind, body, and soul from disintegrating. Therefore, instead of having an amazing night on this fine Tuesday, my wife prescribed me with a vampire schedule of going to bed at 5 p.m. and waking up at the witching hour so that I dutifully receive my necessary coffin time so that I can be fresh and more importantly alive. Here goes nothing!

Amazing Year Day 202: Down Under

26 Sep

The highlight of the day was visiting the Australian Office Taiwan (the equivalent of an embassy) for a seminar on preparing students for the future as well as highlighting how Australian universities support their international students.

I get a kick out of visiting embassies. Maybe it’s the security and glass windows as thick as milkshakes. I’m not sure, but all I know is I like them, a lot.

At first I was afraid I would struggle to pay attention for the 2 hour session, but when everyone has a cool Aussie accent, it’s just pure enjoyment. I could listen to my new mates talk forever.

As a bonus, I ate the tiniest cheeseburger I have ever seen. (Disclaimer: the photo is larger than the actual burger)