Birthday Book Stash

10 Mar

A writer loves (or should?) to read, so birthdays become another excuse to add more books to one’s never ending book pile.

Thank you to my wife for supporting my dust collecting hobby and to Eslite in Taipei for supplying a delicious buffet of English books. And to my dearest wife, please forgive me for ordering some (TONS!) more online through BookDepository. #readtowin


Amazing Year Final Day: Continuing the Awesomeness

8 Mar

No need for pictures, no need for jazzy text, just a…

thank you universe all everyone and everything contained within for allowing me to have such an amazing year. May glory continue for all!

PS: Do I really have to be 38 years old?

Amazing Year Day 342: Just Reflecting

12 Feb

Some days deliver unexpected joy…

Thank you Maps for releasing your latest track “Just Reflecting.”


Amazing Year Day 336: Lucky Man

6 Feb

I’m not certain of his intentions, but a tan, upright, bearded fellow looked at me as we passed each other on the street and uttered “You are a lucky man.” I agree. Thank you stranger, “you are a kind man.”


Amazing Year Day 330: 31 Ideas Later…

31 Jan


Amazing Year Day 329: Word of the Day?

30 Jan

Call me persnickety, but I expect my word of the day calendar to add eclectically academic hyponyms to my lexicon. But today, boy did it drop the ball. Narwhal? What is this an elementary school encyclopedia? Thanks a lot ZooBooks!


Amazing Year Day 328: Work

29 Jan

Another 12 hour shift on-site with take-away tasks until the witching hour. That’s all I have to say about that. (Thank you!)

Amazing Year Day 327: Guilty Pleasure

28 Jan

Somedays you just need to give in…


Amazing Year Day 326: Miracle on ??? Street

27 Jan

I’m about to have it my way, as I noticed for the very first town that there’s now a Burger King in town.


I honestly haven’t smiled so much in years! #easytoplease #cardiacarrest


Amazing Year Day 325: Inspirational Signage

26 Jan

Sometimes you have to turn your scooter around and snap a photo, especially when it inspires an idea for a children’s book. But seriously, what the carrot goes on in that place?