Amazing Year Day 100: New 52

16 Jun

It’s been 100 days of the Amazing Year, and almost half of a calendar year. Which means, I should be close to 50 books read if I am to reach 100 by the close of 2018. Well folks, I’m at 52. #coolbeans



Amazing Year Day 99: Treat Yourself – Snack Edition

15 Jun

While we didn’t go overboard, my wife and I decided we needed to treat ourself to whatever scrumptious snacks presented themselves while we enjoyed the day in our former host city of Hsinchu.


Bonus Coaster Shot

Amazing Year Day 98: All She Wrote

14 Jun

This was my last day of physically working at school until mid-July.

Insert happiness.

Amazing Year Day 97: Classless

13 Jun

And at 3:50 p.m. the students have officially left for summer. #hooray


Amazing Year Day 96: Culturefest

12 Jun

Tuesday was an unexpected festival of cultures.

In the early afternoon, we were treated to a visit from a Japanese school. Then we attended a lecture series in celebration of the American Institute of Taiwan’s 40th Anniversary. The icing on the cake though was a tasty visit to Calcutta for some Indian cuisine.


Consequently, here are the rankings:

1.) Japan

2.) India

3.) Other

Honorable Mention: America

Amazing Year Day 95: The Snail Knows

11 Jun

Jaewon and I scored some succulent sandwiches and salads at a divine cafe. It was such a tasty dinner that I forgot to take pictures!

Later on in the evening, we stopped at our local Mitsui Outlet Mall for a gingerly stroll. While sitting at an outdoor table, I noticed a giant snail.


What was he doing in the middle of a mall on a never-ending slab of concrete? Did he not realize that his entire existence could be wiped away with one misguided sneaker. Smash! Kapoot! Over! So fragile. So vulnerable. Yet, so brave. It’s almost as if he’s saying “Anything can happen, but that’s not gonna stop my insignificant a$$ from strutting my stuff!”

Then it hit me…. we are that snail.

Let’s hope no one steps on you today, tomorrow, or in the near future!

Amazing Year Day 94: Friendly Farewell

10 Jun


While it may seem easier to make friends with your fellow patriots in your native land, I actually find it more rewarding to connect with them overseas. This is because both parties have a distinct interest in exploring, understanding, and appreciating other cultures and therefore have a lot in common and plenty to share.

Consequently, Hannah has been a cherished friend of Jaewon and I for close to six years. Alas, the time has come for her to return to ‘Mericaland. We were fortunate enough to know her during this time and gave our fond farewells over some lovely tofu¬†and delicious green dessert. Hannah, we wish you all the best and hope to connect in the future!



Amazing Year Day 93: Wonderful Weekend Work

9 Jun

No one wants to work on a Saturday. But if I have to, I’d rather spend it like I did today: coaching students at a debate tournament and then topping off the evening with a faculty gathering.

Amazing Year Day 92: R&R

8 Jun

Today was spent resting and recovering.

Thank you very much.

Amazing Year Day 91: All Grown Up

7 Jun

It’s such a pleasure to reconnect with former students and to hear of their success. Today I had the pleasure of hosting two Class of 2016 graduates from my previous school. Kevin and Jasper treated high schoolers at my current school to an honest and informative look at the admissions process and the importance of choosing a major based on your personal desires and passion. Special thanks to Kevin and Jasper!