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Amazing Year Day 323: Farewell Stranger

24 Jan

Each day on my pedestrian commute to work, I take a moment in a local park to inhale the sight of the goldfish pond.

Today, I noticed a new goldfish, but sadly he was already dead. Hmmm. Well… so long stranger, may you float in peace!


Amazing Year Day 322: Curiosity’s Box

23 Jan

Curiosity may be fatal to cats, but it sure is entertaining to us humans. At work a mysterious box arrived. It was labeled as though it contained liquor. Sure enough imagination pour many a shot of curious thoughts. While it ended up just being a box of HDMI cables, it was a beautiful lesson in the power of “What If?” to bring together a group of people.


Amazing Year Day 321: Kvell

22 Jan

Today’s word of the day is…


I’m sorry Kvell. I’m sure you’re a fine word and you carry such a positive denotation. But the fact remains that I’m struggling to pronounce you correctly and my ignorance or lack of ability to comprehend you phonetically is leading to hate. Please forgive me, and I hope soon I will come to kvell all things kvell.

Amazing Year Day 320: Manday

21 Jan

Mondays are what I like to call “Manday.” For the past several weeks I’ve been consistently the “man of the house” on Monday for I whip a fresh dish of chicken and veggies. Who said it wasn’t macho to wear an apron?


Amazing Year Day 319: One Eye

20 Jan

For those in the know, this means the start of something special.


Amazing Year Day 318: Urban Walk About

19 Jan

Another Saturday and another walk of discovery into the heart of Taipei. I even met a friend, man’s best friend to be specific. Or maybe it’s a fox? Doesn’t matter, it’s cute.


Amazing Year Day 317: thinking of you

18 Jan

To an old friend from my days in Broward County, Florida, you were the only person I ever played in the rain with. What seemed simple then, is cherished forever. You are now backstage at the greatest concert of all time. #rip

Amazing Year Day 316: The Idea that Stared Back

17 Jan

Eager for a picture book idea to flip its pages into my StoryStorm tally, I stared long and hard at this little fellow…


and an idea stared back. Thank you!

Amazing Year Day 315: Ummm…

16 Jan

Yeah about today. I think I bought pizza?

#ooops #lostforever

Amazing Year Day 314: Accountability to the Rescue

15 Jan

Fame is a powerful spotlight and casts a shadow over the cast of characters who play integral roles in helping said celebrity rise to fame. Behind every writer, is a parade of struggles and doubts. It’s difficult to continue, but in the end all we must do is tend to our trade. When family and friends are supportive but able to fully grasp the spoil and toil of such a craft, it’s easy for a writer to feel alone. But there are many walking similar paths who can be of assistance and truly push us back on the road. I’m lucky to know a fellow writer willing to trust me enough to embark on an “accountability partnership.” While this may entail critiques and advice, it’s more like confession. We are sworn to report our weekly progress towards our hefty, yet achievable goals. I’m looking forward to challenging each other as we share the often unpublicized daily struggle to hone one’s routines and craft into legacy.