Artist’s Way: Week 7 Check-In

7 May

1.) How many days this week did you do your morning pages?

Morning Pages: 7/7

It felt good to have to begin a new journal, asthe former was full. That was a journal I didn’t know what to use it for and I thought it was too big to fill, and now just six weeks later, every single page is breathing with pure stream of consciousness. It feels good.

Night pages: 6/7

I didn’t feel the connection with the night pages this past week. I wrote them too early or too late… and often just used them to schedule the next day. I need to tap into my inner conscious and release my emotions so I can sleep peacefully.

2.) Did you do your artist date this week? 

Given my lack of a date last week, my inner artist needed a romantic experience, and pronto. I’ve grew up in Buffalo and have spent many a summer there, but have never visited the Botanical Gardens, until Tuesday morning. The exterior is a gorgeous array of glass domed structures. The inside looks rather worn; probably the victim of state budget cuts. Though nonetheless, a leisurely stroll, oodles of photos, and a convenient nap on a bench allowed me to spend my 2 hours in style. The motivation for the trip was to get “inspired” for writing a picture book set in a Grandmother’s garden. I wasn’t able to immediately come away with more ideas, but they will come. I did however, use my down time on the  bench to sketch out a set of “Imagicises” themed to plants.

For those who aren’t aware, I have an addiction. “Hello my name is Crave, and I’m a roller coaster-holic.” CraveCoasters tells the story. Well, money is tight right now, specifically speaking I’m sitting on a small hill of cash, but not currently bringing any in. Consequently, I was on the fence about getting a season pass to Canada’s Wonderland (a massive 16 coaster strong park north of Toronto) so that I could take advantage of the free Sneak Preview Night on Friday, April 27th and be one of the first people on the planet to ride Leviathan, the park’s new 306 foot tall scream machine. The first task this week advocated taking the mantra “Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong.” So I went, and because of it I was able to create 4 new posts at CraveCoasters which generated over 1,400 hits since then. One was more like a true article than just an opinionated blog entry, which is productive for me sine I need to develop my journalistic skills. It may not further my writing career, but as I’m learning in Week 8, every step counts. And a little ego boost… it never hurts!

3.) Did you experience any synchronicity this week?

Synchronicity flowed through the night at Canada’s Wonderland. By chance I met Ken Jones, a fellow coaster enthusiast and president of the Amusement Park Historical Association of Niagara Falls. His words helped add substance to my article about opening night, and it’s always a pleasure to meet someone who’s also actively pursuing their interests. I also bumped into a 15 year avid coaster efficinado. I was envious of his upbringing for his father purely supports his love of coasters by buying a $250 plus dollar seat as part of an auction to be one of the first to ride, he’s also taken him to IAAPA (define it)

4.) Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? 

I’ve been trying to watch movies that I’ve neglected to see for years. Two weeks ago for the first time I saw Groundhog Day, and this past week I finally watched Pay it Forward which is odd considering I’ve owned the DVD for 6 years. These two films in particular are wonder workers. They not entertain me for a couple of hours, but they speak to my soul. And well… I’m ready to listen. Anyone know some other “powerful” films I should spy?

I slacked off once again in the task department, but managed to just barely pull off the recommended 5 out of 10. I still can’t believe I’m more than half way through. Twelve weeks seemed like a long commitment, but in actuality it’s just a short trip.

My lady has received her copy of the Artist’s Way, and my best friend will start venturing into the course this week. I encourage this course/book to anyone who feels they have a gift and want to share it creatively with the world.

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