Seasonal Reading

9 Nov

There’s nothing easy about writing (publishable) picture books except for one thing… the research. As the cliche saying goes, “writers read, and readers write.” It’s especially important for picture book authors to stay current and catch up on the latest trends. Luckily for me I’m living back in the Sort of United States of America and have access to those glorious selfless kingdoms known as libraries. Sure Japan maintained a healthy arsenal of literature thick borrowing stations, but besides a biography on Dan Marino and a few obscure picture books, it was all in Japanese.

While I tend to just grab whatever picture book catches my eye, lately I’ve been thematically choosing each weekly assortment. I highly recommend that all imaginators, specifically those writing picture books to do some “seasonal reading.” If your friendly neighborhood librarians aren’t lazy they should set racks with books containing themes for each upcoming season of holiday. While the market may be flooded with holiday themed books, it’s a niche that will always need new titles. In addition, it’s much easier to pen a Halloween tale when your fridge is stocked with cidar, and pudgey youngsters knock at your door for a piece of candy as opposed to spring when you’re imagination is focused on pastels, eggs, and flowers.

I never thought Thanksgiving to be an exciting holiday nor one worthy of my delicious ideas. But after seeing the buffet of titles on the subject, I can see there is a need for more. While the non-fiction titles definitely schooled my ignorant behind, the fiction books were stale and flavorless. Though I must give credit to Lisa Wheeler and illustrator Frank Ansley for “Turk and Runt,” with its comedic rhymes and likeable characters is by far the best book I’ve read in this category. And thanks to my “seasonal research” I was able to generate a few nifty concepts for Thanksgiving picture books, which came in handy since November is PIBOIDMO.

What will I be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Having read so many Thanksgiving picture books. I guess I better start scribbling in my Christmas Picture Book wish list.

Happy researching imaginators!

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  1. thiskidreviewsbooks November 9, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    Books are a good thing to be thankful for 🙂

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