INSPIRATHON! To Be Continued…

4 Feb

Dear fellow imaginators,

The Inspirathon will have to wait…most likely till March or April. The truth is, I need to put my focus into not only penning 26 picture books for the picturebook marathon, but also plan to submit my first manuscript to a minimum of 5 publishers this month. That’s a lot of writing in addition to painstaking editing, and publisher searching. While this blog is an integral part of my “writing career,” I can’t call myself a writer if I’m neglecting my writing.

I’m tempted to simply post breakdowns of my picturebook marathon pieces, but given how I’m only a writer, I don’t think they would be as appetizing as Nathan Hale’s, or the many other published author/illustrators who are posting their pieces.

We’ll see what transpired. Until then…thanks for stopping by imaginators.

Cheers and candy corn,


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