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IMAGICISE: The Vanishing

25 Nov

Further strengthen your imagination with this newest installment of prompts. ‘The Vanishing’ asks imaginators to ponder the consequences of something disappearing from the world.

As creators, we need to constantly twist and turn our plots leaving visitors to our world guessing yet pleasantly surprised. Much like a punchline, a plot turn needs to be within the realm of possibility but also unexpected. By considering all of the short and longterm outcomes from say ‘toilets’ or ‘human hair’ disappearing, you will develop your subconscious ability to create more avenues and alleyways for your plots to drive down.

Having tried a few of these ‘imagiceses’ on both American and Japanese students, the results are astonishing. While many struggle to think abstractly, a few students tap into their imaginations and deliver hilarious yet thought provoking situations.

Down a glass of H2O, flex your creative muscles and have a go at these ‘disappearing’ prompts.

* For further directions on ‘Imagicise’ click here.

The Vanishing

  • Day 1: Toilets – What if every toilet in the world vanished?

  • Day 2: Human Hair – What if all human hair (head/body) vanished?

  • Day 3: Guns – What if all the guns in the world vanished?

  • Day 4: Mike –  What if everyone named Mike vanished?

  • Day 5: Writing Utensils – What if every pen/pencil vanished?