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Expose Yourself to…SMORIES

3 Jun

Stories are a form of oral communication. They are only written so they won’t be forgotten. While most books are read in quiet, a good story begs to be read outloud. And when it comes to children literature this blessing/burden falls on the adult/parent/teacher. Unless you pay a visit to SMORIES. In an age when websites such as Post Crossing and Couch Surfing help connect the world together, this altruistic children’s literature site is surely doing its part.

The simple look of the site is misleading as SMORIES is packed with over 300 original children’s stories…but the best part? They’re all read by children!!! If you can pray yourself from those movie trailers and home videos on youtube, pay a visit and enter an imaginative word led by the innocent narrative of adorable youngsters.

Please be warned that each and every child is from the UK, therefore the stories are read with a British accent. As an American, I find this delightful. We as writers/educators have a responsibility to expose ourselves and children to all forms/styles of our native language.

Whether you want to hear a well-crafted tale or take the night off and let a child perform ‘bedtime story duty,’ definitely pay a visit to SMORIES!

Disclaimer: For those wishing to have their works read, according to the website, submissions are currently on hold. If interested join their mailing list and you will be notified when submissions open.

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