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The Day in Pictures

8 Apr

Inspiration can come from anywhere. But for those  imprisoned within a cubible, a dense fog lingers.

Luckily, many have access to the internet. Facebook and Twitter may absorb more time than a wait at the DMV, though besides networking they do little to aid a writer. A google image search can conjure up a bizzare menagerie of images, but more time is spent on teh hunt than relishing the glory of the catch. While Children’s Literature themed blogs are the ideal, sometimes a writer needs inspiration from other sources. Consequently, I recommend a personal passion of mine, USA Today’s ‘The Day in Pictures.’

This daily dose of photographic gems aids the writer in many ways. First they provide inspiration in the form of a possible character, setting, or emotion. In addition, they give non-fiction writers an idea of what to capture if they need to provide their own photos. Though, best of all, the photos are topical and educational. I can learn about distant cultures, customs, and conflicts. Think of it as a living history textbook in the form of an entertaining slideshow. While a picture may say 1,000 words, those penning middle grade or chapter books need more to fill the pages. Conveniently, given the journalistic captions, ample information is provided forming a joyous springboard for further exploration and research.

Imaginators, if you’re looking for current and vivid inspiration to strike your sense of sight, look no further than USA Today’s ‘The Day in Pictures.’