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Lovely Link: 400+ Things That Kids Like

6 Nov

Head on over to Tara Lazar’s blog for a list of 400+ Things That Kids Like. For example, campfires, popcorn, and weekends. The list is both un-scientifically but so-obviously accurate and more importantly, amusing. Instead of checking to see if your project’s topic and characters are on the list, use this list as inspiration for a new story.

In fact, the list was so inspirational, that before I even read a single item, I drowned my journal with a new idea for a children’s book. Working Premise: A boy moves to an upscale neighborhood  where he meets a group his own age. Before he can become one of them, he must pass their test to prove he’s a kid.

You never know where an idea may spring from, but a list of hundreds of things kids like will certainly ignite your creativity engine. If interested Tara also has a list of 79 Things Kids Don’t Like. Happy imaginative driving everyone!