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Amazing Year Day 37: Ba Ba Red Meat

14 Apr

If you’ve lived in Taiwan as an outsider (expat, foreigner, whatever we’re called these days) for more than an hour, then you’ve tasted or heart of the glory of Baba Kevin’s Barbecue. Most savour the succulence of his beautifully cooked animal flesh through his catering, but Taipei is also lucky to have a brick and mortar restaurant as well. It’s reasonability priced with realistic portions. This equates to much more affordable dining experience than TGI Fridays or Texas Roadhouse, with room (stomach and wallet) for dessert and you don’t need to bother with that gigantic doggie bag of leftovers that will rot in your fridge.

A Store Full of Pictures

28 Nov

When visiting Taiwan, I was ready for Taipei 101, Taroko Gorge, and Sun Moon Lake. But there was something far superior hiding in an alley. Shimarisu Picture Books was discovered by accident. Folks, this is no ordinary book store. It specializes in and exclusively sells picture books from all cultures and in several languages. Sure children’s book stores exist, but after living in rural Japan I convinced myself such a place did not exist.  The mandarin-speaking staff were gracious enough to listen to my butchered English steering me to the local authors section so I can add a Taiwan book to my ‘Melting Shelf.’

Too Many Titles To Choose From

Beautifully Organized Store

If you’re in Taipei, stop by Shimarusa and  browse exotic pieces in Chinese, or get a taste of home with books in English (assuming that’s your native language). They’re open from 11:00am-9:00pm. While I found it by accident, you should take the blue line to Zhongxiao Dunhun station, use exit 8, head straight and make a right on the first street/alleyway with Shimarisu immediately appearing on your left. For more information visit their website (Chinese), call (02)2778-2211, or e-mail service@shimarisu.com.tw.

The Purchase