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Children’s Book Fashion

17 Nov

Doctors sport scrubs and a stethoscope. Lawyers adorn a suit and carry a briefcase. The unemployed rock sweatpants and skim the newspaper. With every profession comes a stereotypical look.

But what’s a writer supposed to put on? I suppose we should dress creatively as snobbish outsiders. Perhaps add a whiskey bottle to our ensemble? Even better, howabout we gluestick a writing desk to our hips?

The beauty of being a writer is that can we camouflage ourselves within the thicket of society. This is important for ‘research’ as we observe, question, and create.

Well, I’m not one to blend in. I’m too loud (needy) and eccentric (insecure) to not wear my passion above my skin. So how does a Children’s Book writer dress for their profession? Hmmm…despite how big Clifford is, I don’t think his sneakers come in my size. I dig wizard fashion, but I’m not hailing a cab with a magic wand. Howabout Pigeon earrings or a Magic School Bus sombrero? Should I get a Little Critter tattoo below my belly button?

Thankfully, human beings still wear T-Shirts. Vendors (links listed below) offer Children’s Book themed T-Shirts ranging from the adorably trendy Little Misses to Where the Wild Things Are. If interested there’s also ‘mock’ children’s book shirts such as ‘The Taking Tree.’

I may be a fan of the craft, but I’m more than that. I’m a soon-to-arrive creator and contributor. I require something better.

So what do I wear? Not much. Unfortunately, the inventory is slowly expanding. I was lucky enough to score a Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax tee at an Urban Outfitters. But not just any Lorax shirt. This one is written in Chinese! When I visited Taiwan, I wore that shirt proudly. Of course when someone asked about the shirt in a local bookshop, I didn’t understand what they were saying. Let’s assume  it was a compliment.

"Arrested for having style"

Though the shirt doesn’t have to feature a promiment Children’s book or character. As T-shirts with sayings are still popular, try finding one to match your style or genre. The god(s) of fashion smiled upon me when I walked into a Uniqlo in Shanghai for there was this little diddy below:

"Laughs Per Day: Children 146 / Adults 4" - that's about right

Thankfully in this kingdom, anything is possible. Make your own! Just buy some blank T-shirts, design, print, and press away.  Currentely, I’m tooling around with several concepts. They include “I Write, Do You?” to “I May Just Write About You” to the edgy “I Make Children Smile.”

Why not rock a  T-Shirt symbolizing your love of writing for children, and while you’re wearing it, let it work as a conversation starter.

Happy imaginative shirt wearing everyone!

Children’s Book T-Shirt Vendors:

(aka sites that I quickly googled and pasted below)

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