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Download Now: PB Status Sheet

24 Jan

“Can you give us a status report, captain? – Sulu

Writing a book is no easy task. Editing, revising, and publishing is even harder. But imagine trying to organize a factory of dozens of books rolling off the assembly line. Welcome to my world.

I’ve recently earmarked 15 picture books to begin their launch towards prospective publishers. But are they ready? Nope. But they’re close.

To assist with me with keeping track of the progress of each ‘final’ manuscript, I created the ‘Picture Book Status Sheet.’ It’s just a simple 4-page PDF but when you paperclip it to your manuscript, it gives your story a professional feel, a realistic goal, and the allusion that it may actually get published.

The first page is a checklist for the draft, editing, revisions, genre, pitch, cover letter, publisher submission information.  The second is for prospective publisher leads/notes, with the third and fourth being reserved for general notes.

Imaginators, please download, print, and attach a status sheet to your ‘almost-ready’ manuscripts!

Click here to download: PictureBookStatusSheet