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Southern Cross Novel Challenge

17 May

Special thanks to fellow imaginator Claire Dawn for passing along this information.

Imagine NANOWRIMO packing its bags and moving south of the border…specifically down under. Say hello to the Southern Cross Novel Challenge! In the month of June, KiwiWriters.Org hosts a writing challenge open to all writers but intended to appease the time schedules of those in the southern hemisphere.

Details (copied and pasted from the website):

The goal is to write 50,000 words of fiction.

Generally the rules of NaNoWriMo apply but we’re a bit more flexible:
– the 50,000 words does not have to be on one novel
– you can work on an existing novel or multiple novels
– you can work on a compilation of short stories or even poems

However, for the best SoCNoC experience possible we recommend:
– you start a new novel on June 1st
– you aim to finish your novel at 50,000 words
– you aim to finish your novel by midnight on June 30th

If you’re ready to commit to a fun and challenging month of writing head over to the official SoCNoC website and register today. Also take advantage of their helpful array of resources.

Happy SoCNoCing imaginators!