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Katy Perry’s Sesame Street Remix

13 Feb

After watching Katy Perry deliver a stunning performance of her new single “Part of Me” at the 2012 Grammy Awards, I thought more than a 30 year old man should about her library of tunes. In my defense (and embarrassment) I was in the shower and I started to imagine how wonderful it would be to use the lyrics from some of Katy Perry’s songs as the textual basis for a series of picture books. We’ve seen it work (at least in sales) with Puff the Magic Dragon and a host of other books I prefer to ignore. But come on, Katy Perry is a hot commodity right/for now, so why not capitalize on it. “Hot and Cold” could blend magically to a child character who doesn’t fit any stereotypes and is all over the place. Well, someone beat me to it… sort of. I’m happy to say that it works!

Runway: Where the Wild Pigs Party

9 Apr

This summer, Maurice Sendak will unveil his first authored/illustrated picture book in three decades. But Sendak sentinels to casual admirers won’t be kept in the dark, as the basis for “Bumble-Ardy” spawns from an animated short Sendak produced for Sesame Street.

Beyond “Where the Wild Things” and his comfortably bizarre illustrations, I’ve never been a fan of Sendak’s work. I prefer Mercer Mayer to guide me into the fantastical realm of dark imagination. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what the 82 year old creative genius can do with an idea that has been sitting in the attic for as long as I’ve been living. As imaginators, we’re lucky to have such a legend alive in our life time kind enough to share.