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That’s a Wrap: PiBoIdMo 2012

8 Dec


Special thanks to Tara Lazar for hosting the fourth annual Picture Book Idea Month. My third venture with this global creativity party left me feeling less than “imaginative,” as you can see from my idea list below. This could be my gut saying, “it’s time. Revise and send out your existing stories, before you go mustering up more ideas.”

However, the true joy was seeing my talented ninth grade students generate ideas each and every day. I’m proud of their “imaginator” skills and look forward to guiding them as they turn one of their ideas into a genuine picture book manuscript. I just need to remember to add one student to my roster: ME!

Happy writing everyone. For those with a picture idea or three, I urge you to consider Picture Book Marathon in February.

This year’s ideas, well the titles at least:

  1. Busy Baby
  2. Thomas LeClair the Strange Little Bear
  3. Journey of the Droplets
  4. The Unlucky Cannon
  5. Frank and Steve’s Monster
  6. The Greedy Gyoza
  7. Septopus
  8. Mirror Jumper
  9. Outside the Box
  10. Down the Mountain
  11. The Giant Eraser
  12. Super Slice
  13. The Chip Monk
  14. The Wampire
  15. The Ark
  16. Sensory Field Trip
  17. Pet Buffet
  18. For Giants Only
  19. Owl Cafe
  20. The Late Bird
  21. Birthday Doors
  22. My Pony is Bigger Than Yours
  23. Girl VS. Cap
  24. Cop Kid
  25. Santa’s Apprentice
  26. The Haunted Boy
  27. Uninsultable Kid
  28. The Vegetable Jar
  29. Cinderello
  30. Aldo the Alligator Finds a Job



20 Jan

Art by Linda Silvestri

Driven by a creative curiosity, we imaginators are naturally motivated. Though many of us are often too busy frolicking in our heads to accomplish a set task. We’re chickens, and sometimes we need a crossing guard to help us get to the other side. Say hello to Julie Hedlund, the creator of the internet’s newest children’s book writing challenge, and a much needed crossing guard. Instead of directing traffic for a week or a month, Julie has volunteered to assist us in penning one picture book draft each and every month with her 12x12in12 initiative. Much like Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo, 12x12in12 “will be running guest posts on the blog from experts in the field along with a special giveaway each month.”

I welcome the challenge, and since I typically pen all of my picture books in a hurry during February (Picture Book Marathon: 26 drafts), I’m looking forward to fully fleshing out an additional 12, and if I participate in NaPiBoWriWee (May: 7 drafts) it’ll bring my annual output to 45 manuscripts.

I’ve already signed up, and recommend you do the same. Simply:  1.) Follow Julie Hedlund’s “Write Up My Life” Blog 2.) Complete the online form.

Be sure to do so as soon as possible with the January 29th deadline quickly approaching.

Happy 12ing imaginators!


IMAGICISE: The Vanishing

25 Nov

Further strengthen your imagination with this newest installment of prompts. ‘The Vanishing’ asks imaginators to ponder the consequences of something disappearing from the world.

As creators, we need to constantly twist and turn our plots leaving visitors to our world guessing yet pleasantly surprised. Much like a punchline, a plot turn needs to be within the realm of possibility but also unexpected. By considering all of the short and longterm outcomes from say ‘toilets’ or ‘human hair’ disappearing, you will develop your subconscious ability to create more avenues and alleyways for your plots to drive down.

Having tried a few of these ‘imagiceses’ on both American and Japanese students, the results are astonishing. While many struggle to think abstractly, a few students tap into their imaginations and deliver hilarious yet thought provoking situations.

Down a glass of H2O, flex your creative muscles and have a go at these ‘disappearing’ prompts.

* For further directions on ‘Imagicise’ click here.

The Vanishing

  • Day 1: Toilets – What if every toilet in the world vanished?

  • Day 2: Human Hair – What if all human hair (head/body) vanished?

  • Day 3: Guns – What if all the guns in the world vanished?

  • Day 4: Mike –  What if everyone named Mike vanished?

  • Day 5: Writing Utensils – What if every pen/pencil vanished?