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One Look Yields Many

17 Feb

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart you can’t utter.” – James Earl Jones

My mental machinery was penning the picture book, “The Word Factory,” when the assembly line suddenly came to a screeching halt. I couldn’t produce words that rhymed with ditzy. Even, RhymeZone, a funtastic online rhyming dictionary, was unable to deliver a marketable product. Luckily, they recommended OneLook, part online dictionary, part google search.

Usually a rhyming dictionary will deliver enough usable entries. However, in the case of “The Word Factory,” words with duplicate endings were required. This is where OneLook flushes my linguistic toilet. Their interface allows you to simply place an asterisk before the ending, for example “*itzy,” and a list of words with that ending will be displayed, with each word featuring a parade of links for the definition.

In the case of “itzy” I was supplied with:

  1. ditzy
  2. fitzy
  3. forbush mitzy
  4. glitzy
  5. liltzy
  6. ritzy
  7. spritzy
  8. witzy

The search yielded ample results. I was tempted by ‘glitzy,’ but its “extravagant but superficial display” definition would present my character in a negative light. In the end I ran with ‘ritzy,’ and ‘spritzy.’ 

In addition, OneLook will help you find word beginnings, words with similar beginnings and endings, as well as related words. You can even find phrases to match acronyms. For example, a search for F.B.I. discovered 53 choices, while N.F.L. scored 65 options.

Whether you’re hungry for a word, or just want to play with them, take multiple glances at OneLook.

I’m not sure if similar sites exists, but if anyone happens to stumble upon one, please pass us the link in a comment. Thanks!

Happy word hunting imaginators!