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The Perfect Postcard

19 May

For those unfamiliar with PostCrossing please refer to a previous post or sign-up today!

Thanks to a kind-hearted soul the perfect postcard arrived in my mailbox. Previously, I received postcards with photos of random cabins, statues, and herds of trees. While each one had a personal message, and I appreciated the effort, none of them registered in the deep chasm lobby of my heart.

Though yesterday, all the way from the Netherlands arrived a peculiar postcard.

Instead of a touristy or nature mugshot, it was an eccentric drawing. “This looks like an image from a children’s picture book,” I thought. Flipping the card over, not only were my instincts proven on the mark, but Marlous helped prove the theory we all ‘learn something new everday.’ She was kind enough to introduce me to Dutch cultural icons Jip and Janneke.

It’s the thought that counts, and this beautiful piece of personalized postal paper will forever be the centerpiece of my postcard collection. And this is all thanks to the altruistic genius behind PostCrossing and the tenderheart of a total stranger. The world is a beautiful place!!!

Happy PostCrossing imaginators!