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2 Feb



Happy Happy Hippos


QUOTE PARADE: “A satisfied customer – we should have him stuffed” – Basil Fawlty

IMAGICISE: What’s inside a teddy bear that makes it so cuddly? Imagine if children were asked to think about what was inside a stuffed toy. In 5 minutes create that list. For an advanced imagicise begin writing a story about one stuffed toy who had an item from that list inside him/her. (This imagicise actually prompted me to pen my picture book ‘Stuffed’ about a teddy bear who loses its stuffing and searches for the ‘right stuff’)

THE STARTING LINE: I always wondered what hid beneath Mr. Buttonworth’s furry skin. Then one day…

THE FINISH LINE: …and that was his/her first and final hug.


"push me please"


IDEA FACTORY: The Casting Call – Want to create a character driven story? Need some fresh characters for a story? Simply assemble your stuffed animals and hold a casting call. Sit the critters against a plain backdrop and allow them to tell you their story. If you don’t have an arsenal of stuffed toys, simply borrow your child’s, neighbor’s, or bring a camera to the toy store. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the casting call by accident. My parents wanted to put my treasured childhood relics to ‘sleep.’ I agreed on the condition that each and every toy was immortilized with a photo. Since every picture says 1,000 words, I was able to listen to each creature’s story.


1 Feb


A relaxing yet odd Crave.


Comfortable: providing physical ease and relaxation     /     Eerie: strange and frightening

Combine “comfortable” with “eerie” and you get my pathetic portmanteau for anything “strangely relaxing.” Think of the movies ‘Coraline,’ or Tim Burton and you’ve got comforteerieness oozing its way through your senses. When creating, immerse yourself in a comfortably eerie world. Surprisingly, you won’t be scared. Instead, you’ll pleasantly delight in a darker world, and perhaps churn out some fresh ideas.

IMAGICISE: The Grim Reaper and Mother Nature have a falling out. Consequently, cats will no longer be bestowed with 9 lives and will receive just the one. The problem is, you’re a cat, and you haven’t used any of your lives. You have exactly one year from today to use them up. How will you choose to lose 8 of your lives?

QUOTE PARADE: “It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order – and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order.” – Douglas Hostadter

THE STARTING LINE: It all started when I ate a poisioned lollipop.

THE FINISHING LINE: …and they lived grumpily ever after.

INSPIRATHON! – An Introduction

1 Feb

“Inspiration and genius – one and the same.”  – Victor Hugo

With the Picture Book Marathon this month, the time is ripe and ready to welcome fellow imaginators into a goofy domain for inspiration, motivation, or a comforting chuckle.

INSPIRATHON! features themed or random assortments of media will be packaged together to stir up your creative melting pots or to push you through writer’s block.

Each and everyday in February (pending levels of sanity), CraveWriting will present a buffet of thought-provoking, adorable, or just bizarre photos in addition to Quote Parades, Imagicise writing prompts, The Starting Line story starters, The Finish Line story enders, tips, links, music, and videos!

Imaginators, let’s fight off the frustration together.