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Greeting Cards: A Gateway Craft

8 Mar

It comes as no surprise that most people feel they can write/illustrate a children’s book. Don’t not discourage these fine believers, as outsiders aren’t conscious of the inspiration, reading, writing, disciplined revision and marketing necessary to be published. Luckily, children’s writers have an organized system of submitting their work unlike musicians who need to be ‘discovered’ by a talent scout.

Regardless, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the process and aren’t yet ready to overdose on publishing in the children’s market, may I suggest a gateway craft.

Greeting Cards.

By no means is penning a greeting card an easy task. You have to be poetic, romantic, or sincere. But most of all you must speak in unique voice with clarity delivered with poise and sensitivity to a wide audience.

Greeting Cards can function as a savvy segue to picture books because both are all about the page turn and require a punchline or twist. The pay may be nominal, but if accepted you earn a notch on the belt and can still proclaim yourself as a published writer.

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