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REVIEW: Fairy Tales by Terry Jones

8 Mar

Terry Jones is known more for his directorial work with Monty Python than his children’s writing. Though, his collection of fairy tales written in 1981 should not be ignored.

Instead of humorously remixing reveered stories like John Scieszka or Fractured Fairy Tales, Jones provides the reader with a sequel to Hans Christian Andersen’s collection. Though Andersen penned a parade of timeless classics, many of his tales are too personified and involve archaic objects modern children can’t relate too.

In ‘Fairy Tales,’ illustrated by Michael Foreman and published in 1993 by Puffin, the 30 tales spread over 160 pages are a light read and accesible to readers in the 21st century. For example, in ‘Three Raindrops,’ Jones elects to personify rain, and does so with a quick and comical yet devastatingly effective punch.

The beauty in these tales is how they are written in the vein of classic fairy tales without heavily invoking a medieval spirit. This work shows Jones as an author still discovering his talents. While ‘Katy-Make-Sure’ is a fun open-ended spattering of words, another tale, ‘The Silly Kings’ reads as though it was written merely to supply an all-too-predictable moral lesson. Regardless, ‘Fairy Tales’ is not only a delicious appetizer for any lover of the genre, but also an inspiring short-story collection blue print for writers.

IMAGICISE: Rapunzel / Lancelot

29 Mar

PROMPT: What if your name was….

Gentlemen: Rapunzel   /   Ladies: Lancelot


Then check out the example below!

Crave’s Example:

If my name was Rapunzel I’m sure at some point in my youth my parents would have payed someone to let me lie on their couch, and as an adult, medicare would be fronting the bill. I hope my street skills would have led me in the search of a nickname. Though that could be difficult. A play off of “Pun” comes to mind, but “Big Pun” and “The Punisher” are already taken. I’m not exactly a heavyset rap artist, and I certainly don’t know enough about comics to steal an iconic heroe’s name. Oh well…let’s see. What about “R-Rated,” while my potty mouth would get me through the door people would assume such a rating would include nudity, and I don’t want to have to have to perform community service. So all I can think of is, “RZ Cola” but I don’t what specifically constitutes me as being carbonated. Though my hyperactivity would vouge for the caffeine. So maybe I would just go for the old route of using my middle name. James it is! I often think about what it would be like to have a horrid nickname, so here are some “they can’t be good,” nicknames.

  • Backup
  • Why Not?
  • The President of the United States of America
  • Lord of the Turds
  • Sir Smellypants
  • Captain Jerkface
  • USS Fatty McMuffin

I’m not too sure this list is cutting it. I wonder though how many lads named Rapunzel would actually grow their hair out. At least then there’s a reason for their name and they could play it off as a nickname. But then again I wonder how many would be drawn to “play for the other team.” I guess we’ll only know once people start naming their newborn baby boys Rapunzel. I’d like to start that movement, but I think it will be years before any woman lets me get anywhere close to being a father. [5mins – 324 words]