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Get Your Work Critiqued! #PBCritiqueFest

24 Oct
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Special thanks to Picture Book Spotlight’s Mr. Brian Gehrlein for sponsoring the FUNTASTICALLY KIND AND FREE #PBCritiqueFest. There’s no trick to this Halloween treat. Simply fill out the Google survey and you’re eligible to receive ONE of THIRTY-ONE critiques from some of the industry’s finest wordsmiths, artists, and agents.

The clock is ticking, you have until October 31st to enter!!!

My uber talented critique group partner Ms. Cheryl Johnson won last year and HIGHLY recommends the experience to one and all!!!

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CONTEST: FOX Comedy Script

16 Feb

“In humor, as in golf, the follow-through is as important as the swing.” – John Lahr, New Yorker reviewer

“Screenwriting is like ironing. You move forward a little bit and go back and smooth things out.” – Paul Thomas Anderson

Imaginators shouldn’t limit themselves to one medium to express their creativity. While children’s writing has grown to become my passion, a hunger for screenwriting still echoes deep within my belly.

If you dabble in scripts, or have a desire to write screenplays, I recommend the 4th annual FOX-NYTVF (New York Television Festival) Comedy Script Contest.

There is no fee to enter, and the contest is open to YS residents 18 years and over. Scripts should be written for a original 30-minute comedy series. Entries are accepted beginning on April 4th and close on April 18th, or when 1,500 submissions have been received. The winning writer will be awarded a $25,000 and a developmental deal with FOX. For official rules please visit the nytvf.com.

Having entered my pilot ‘Habitat for Insanity’ two years ago, I can say this contest is the perfect excuse to motivate you to pen an entire TV script. Why not give it a shot, and maybe we’ll be laughing at your brilliance.

Good luck everyone!