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Recommendation: Children’s Writer

3 Nov

Living in Japan’s northern countryside, I’m isolated from the English-speaking world of Children’s Literature. Thankfully, my friend the internet provides me with plenty to stay informed. Though, I crave words written on (recycled) dead trees. I need to physically read the paper, which explains why I’m constantly restocking the printer at work. But one source spares me the hassle. “Children’s Writer” is geared towards professionals in Children’s Literature. It’s similar to “Children’s Book Insider,” (which I also enjoy) but something sets it apart. They deliver!

Most of the snail mail I receive is written in complex characters I fail to recognize, but once a month I look forward to the day there is a surprise (in English) waiting for me. Astoundingly, international delivery costs only an additional $1.75 per issue. It’s well worth it, especially when amazon.com in Japan charges usually 20-40% more for foreign books. It’s comforting to see a publisher refusing to profit off of delivery.

Each 12-page issue of “Children’s Writer” includes in-depth features with a parade of useful links and resources covering all mediums and genres. Not all of the topics, including November’s piece on Children’s plays, play to my interests, but they do offer perspective and motivation. My favorite part is the 4-page “Marketplace” insert that profiles publishing houses, agents, and contests. While some of this information is repeated in other sources, being reminded of the opportunities available to writers is priceless.

Each month, ignoring my work duties, I rescue the hi-lighters from the desk drawer and search for juicy tidbits, inspiration quotes, and professional leads. My tip for readers is to make check boxes with goals next to each useful article. For example, “Look at this publisher’s list to see if their needs fit your style.” Instead of gathering dust, I constantly revisit each issue to ensure that I am following up on my to-do list and check off and date my accomplishments.

More than an enjoyable read, “Children’s Writer” is a motivational tool, and an effective one. If you have yet to subscribe, why not take a look today! Or print this post out, and draw a check-box. : )