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Join the Idea Parade: PiBoIdMo 2011

26 Oct

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” – Napoleon Hill

The time has come again for you to dust off your thinking cap. It’s “Picture Book Idea Month” or PiBoIdMo, where imaginators generate 30 original picture book ideas in the month of November. Published and aspiring authors alike can benefit from filling up their idea tank for when they’re ready to put pen to paper. As of October 24th, Nearly 300 participants signed up with many more to follow…including you! Continue reading

Download: PiBoIdMo Checklist

3 Nov


As a professional procrastinator, I often focus on everything but the task at hand. So, instead of jotting down ideas, I decided to spend my afternoon whipping up a little check-list to monitor my progress during PiBoIdMo. Please download the above PDF and use it at your leisure. Simply click on the link and print, or right click to download it. I recommend printing it in color, cause it just looks that much sexier, but B&W will do just fine.

Happy “idea hunting” imaginators!