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From BOBE to BOB

6 Jan

The bloggable world of children’s writers is pleasantly filling up with calendar writing challenges. There’s PIBOIDMO, Picture Book MarathonNaPiBoWriWee, and 12x12in12. The best news is, these are ALL funtastic! So back in October of 2011, I piloted a prototype called B.O.B.E.: The Book of Beginnings and Ends. Let’s just say… things began late and ended early.

This journal ended up feeling empty

As the kiddies went around for their candy treats, I was supposed to have heaps (big fan of that word) of book beginnings and endings, 30 to be exact. In reality I inked 18 beginnings and 18 ends: just over half of my goal. Even though you’re writing alone during those previously mentioned challenges, it motivates you to know that others are out there pushing their pen to the paper as well. PiBoIdMo is especially funderful with Tara Lazar masks as Santa giving away great prizes. During these challenges, no one wants to look like a quitter (even on the internet), so we all end up producing more. But in this case, it was just me.

In addition, while I enjoyed scribing fanciful and whack job beginnings it was difficult to write the endings. Last lines are memorable, but how much can you really unveil in the final paragraphs? Needless to say, it was difficult to put a close on a book I hadn’t written.

Thus, if B.O.B.E. ever sees the light of day this autumn, he/she’s (I’m not a chauvinist pig) gonna be missing a letter. Say hello to B.O.B, the Book of Beginnings. If anyone reads this and would be interested in journaling/typing/sidewalk chalking 30 1-page book beginnings in October please comment below. If any writers, illustrators, editors, or agents would be willing to contribute a guest post and/or a giveaway prize please comment below or e-mail me at scravak@hotmail.com.

LET IT BEGIN! (maybe)

Happy challenging imaginators!