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25 Nov

From fierce fangs, to snorting snouts, to treacherous trunks, kids love animals! Any children’s book full of molting, stampeding, or even hibernating creatures will instinctively leave its readers’ drooling.

While some publishers frown upon personified animals, allow them to inhabit your story. But whatever you do, PLEASE BE ACCURATE!!! I don’t claim to be Jack Hanna, and my subscription to Zoo Books expired over a decade ago, but I know enough to spot a fake. Unlike the world of fur, when it comes to children’s books, real is better!

While frolicking through many a picture book it’s hard not to notice inaccuracies, mistruths, and utter laziness. For example, why is a gorilla eating meat? There shouldn’t be a carnivore in an exhibit with gazelles. And a book about Africa certainly should exclude tigers. Unless of course they are tourists or apart of an exchange program.

Please break the rules, but these ‘exceptions’ should be treated as such. For example, in my picture book ‘Bo Eats a Burger,’ a cow dreams of escaping exile after accidentally chomping into a cheeseburger. Cows aren’t supposed to eat meat, so when Bo Vine does, he has to fight his way through the consequences.

In addition, you can stay true to the natural order of things while dazzling the short attention spans of your reader. Instead of calling a seal ‘Sammy,’ look to the scientific world or the ocean for a ‘thematically savvy’ moniker. The animal kingdom is rich in history, stories, and names. Apply them to your stories!

Below is not a holy doctrine, but a mere starting point for online resources. Writers of non-fiction may be asked to provide print sources, but there’s nothing wrong with beginning your search on wikipedia. Please Note: This list will continually be updated as new sources are discovered. Last updated: 11/15/2010

Go wild imaginators! But please be responsible.


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