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2020 Movies Watched #1-25

3 Oct

Books are my medium for growth and learning. Given the short time investment, movies still remain my preferred means to feel. Each year, I aim to view (hopefully, experience) 100 films I have never seen before.

Here are 2020’s movies #1-25. Among the lot, three came away having earned the coveted 5 star treatment: Yesterday, Marriage Story and Teen Titans GO! to the Movies.

2020 Picture Books #1-25

2 Oct

A writer reads. In my case… picture books. The pandemic put a halt on travel back to America, which is where I usually burrow in local libraries and Barnes & Nobles leafing through any picture book I’m lucky to come across. Nonetheless, I’ve been fortunate to make the acquaintance of many a fine book. Here are the first 25 pictures books (those I read for the first time) of 2020. Of all of the books, This Book is Gray is the lone honorary recipient of the coveted 5 star treatment!