Picture Books Read in 2021 #101-150

1 May

The picture book parade trudges along nicely. While a little behind on the big goal, it’s refreshing see that after four months, I’ve already read more picture books than in 2020. Many of the books were stupendous comp titles for my own projects, and one carries sentimental value (There Goes Patti McGee), since it’s written by a member of the Critical Friends (my critique group). Many of the reads came recommended from #PBCHAT’s 2021 mentors. Favorite new creators discovered in this batch include Vera Brosgol, Fred Blunt, Mark Pett, Mike Boldt, and Sarah Lynne Ruel. Of this lot of 50 books, the following were my personal favorite 5-star books:

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackwell

Hungry Jim written by Laurel Snyder, illustrated by Chuck Groenink

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