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Amazing Year Day 311: An Artist Walks

12 Jan

For anyone wishing to journey into their full artist self, I recommend Julia Cameroon’s The Artist’s Way. It was a key piece in my path towards not only publishing but finding the confidence and perspective to realize my dreams. Walking in this World, the sequel to The Artist’s Way, was an obstacle for me as with two attempts I made it only to week 6 (of a 12-week course). Well, I’m back! Today was the start of week 2, and fully embracing the “artist’s walk” I wandered through Taipei instead of taking the convenient MRT to my next destination. And wow, just like that I was connected to a wide and wonderful world.

I noticed…

the simplistic fun of street art,


a potential cafe to take my wife too,


the Lord works in mysterious ways,


A holy red light district?

this city sure does love its underground gyms,


a delicious dinner can unexpectedly appear,

friends from Japan are never far away,

even hotels can have dumb, silly names (that’s how it should be),


some things never change (as they shouldn’t),


an obscure hill on the corner is actually the bottom of a ship from another dimension directly below us upside down (thank you, Stranger Things),


despite the city being a mass of concrete, there truly is a polite flowery jungle in there,


and lastly home now appears magical!


TransGenre Brilliance: Kid Lit Tunes

12 Jan

While the media puts a spotlight on crossing over genders, YouTuber Emily Arrow has shown that our focus should be on crossing over genres, as she brilliantly remixes picture book texts into delightful music videos. All she needed was her, a ukulele, talent, and drive! Thank you, Ms. Arrow and the authors who allowed her to have fun with their diction.

It’s now my wishlist that she remixes one of my stories. See below!