Amazing Year Day 310: Two Controllers

11 Jan

Simply put, I don’t play video games. Let’s just say my hand and eye coordination has been needing a visit to the repair shop since birth. While I did get sucked into the addiction-filled vacuum of simulation and real time strategy games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon and Starcraft, I have since not permitted my adult self to get trapped into the habit loop of video game’s meaningless (in my opinion) reward system. However, sometimes you just gotta light up, and it’s even more addicting when it’s with your wife.

So her and I rocked Super Mario World for over three hours. We clearly need to up our game, but it was a nice chance to just let the simple pleasures of video games create guilt-ridden adrenaline rushes. But listen Mr. Super Nintendo, I’m going to be thinking about you for awhile now, but it’s best if I resist. Game off.


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