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Amazing Year Day 310: Two Controllers

11 Jan

Simply put, I don’t play video games. Let’s just say my hand and eye coordination has been needing a visit to the repair shop since birth. While I did get sucked into the addiction-filled vacuum of simulation and real time strategy games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon and Starcraft, I have since not permitted my adult self to get trapped into the habit loop of video game’s meaningless (in my opinion) reward system.¬†However, sometimes you just gotta light up, and it’s even more addicting when it’s with your wife.

So her and I rocked Super Mario World for over three hours. We clearly need to up our game, but it was a nice chance to just let the simple pleasures of video games create guilt-ridden adrenaline rushes. But listen Mr. Super Nintendo, I’m going to be thinking about you for awhile now, but it’s best if I resist. Game off.