Amazing Year Day 265: A Place to Read

27 Nov

You would think that one would “focus” when reading a book by the same name. Nonetheless, I’ve been sluggishly plowing my way through this informative collection of essays, or been using it as a way to fall asleep.

When departing Starbucks, I was determined to start and finish an entire chapter, so instead of treking home to the dangers of a comfortable land filled with sleep-inducing blankets, I took my 2nd of two coffees (hey, I had a coupon!) upstairs to the movie cinema. It’s one of the rare lit-up joints in towns after 10:00 p.m. With no desire to crunch through buttery popcorn or stare at a giant screen for hours, I simply sat on a bench, amidst a parade of former and would-be popcorn eating screen watchers, and read my chapter, from start to finish.

This is my new place to read, as it serves just the right amount of distraction for me to focus. Thank you movie theatre lobby, thank you very much!

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