Amazing Year Day 252: Walk & Write

15 Nov

While November’s immensely creative challenge of Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) has evolved into January’s StoryStorm. I am honoring the fabled tradition of compiling 30 picture book ideas. While the ideas are flowing, they are manufactured and feel forced. My voice and style was still in hiding. So what better way to think of new ideas than going for a walk?

Researchers from Stanford University conducted experiments confirming that walking improved participants’ ability to think creatively. 

A stroll into Starbucks just before closing, with a coffee in hand I was strolling through the suburban streets. I didn’t intend to generate a fresh picture book idea, I just happened to be on a stroll for the heck of it. And then a dazzler of an idea struck: The Jerk Store. That’s all I can say about that (the picture book).

But the ideas flowed as my steps sauntered.

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