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Amazing Year Day 226: Measuring Up

20 Oct

It’s not every, but rather an amazing, day you meet an old friend in the lobby of a swank hotel only to be directed to the tailor’s shop to be custom fitted for a new dress shirt by a tailor who also tailored suits for U.S. Presidents Ford and Clinton. I am thankful for such caring and giving friends, as they don’t just enjoy life with you, they also upgrade your style!

Amazing Year Day 208: Vampire Schedule

2 Oct

It has taken 15 years after I graduated from college to realize I’m not in college anymore. Sure it feels great to work through manuscripts and piling up school work until 3 in the morning, but there simply isn’t enough Coca-Cola in the world to keep your mind, body, and soul from disintegrating. Therefore, instead of having an amazing night on this fine Tuesday, my wife prescribed me with a vampire schedule of going to bed at 5 p.m. and waking up at the witching hour so that I dutifully receive my necessary coffin time so that I can be fresh and more importantly alive. Here goes nothing!