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Amazing Year Day 176: Standup Reunion

31 Aug

Whether it’s the stress of being principal, my old bones, or the desire to lounge around the house with my wife, I don’t get out much to see other living creatures. Tonight was a rare treat for I got to catch up with two comic colleagues from my nights as a standup comedian many a year ago. Our bromantic encounter inspired to whip out another virgin journal and begin penning revised and new material.

Amazing Year Day 175: Ribs to the Rescue

30 Aug

Some days you just need a hearty meal, especially one cooked by someone else. There may not be a thunderous supply of western-friendly eateries in Linkou, Taiwan, but for those “down in the dump” days, Gordon Biersch certainly provides a premium pick-me-up.

Thank you ribs, mashed potatoes, and sweet chili wings.


Amazing Year Day 174: Move It

29 Aug

And so on this day, August 29 of the year 2018, two mortal souls began yet another move. This time, up to the 9th floor. We’re literally moving on up!


Amazing Year Day 173: Oh Well

28 Aug

A fairly routine day that ended in a nice semi-long night’s nap.

The only memorable thing was cozily getting ready to watch a film (Death of Superman) and then realizing a few lines in, “this isn’t English.” Oh well.

Amazing Year Day 172: Smell that?

27 Aug

A fresh cut lawn. Rising bread. Wet dog. There are some smells that refuse to be ignored, pushing themselves up your nostril, reminding you they existence: they matter. Marijuana may be labeled as a “safe escape” as opposed to other drugs, but it sure is bold in the smell department. It’s brash and when around there’s no mistaking it.

I’ve lived in Taiwan for six years and have lived free from that smell each and every day. Well you know what’s coming… so here it goes…

I’m walking out of a Dominos, pizzas in hand, and to avoid the rain I rush across the street to the refuge in small unassuming apartment entrance. There it was. I couldn’t believe it. I turned around, and saw a young man nervously holding a long and skinny cigarette.

I don’t touch the stuff and I have no idea about the laws of Taiwan, but I’m pretty sure that was a bold move there young man. Hope you got enough coins in your purse for a mountain of potato chips.

Amazing Year Day 171: A Fair Day

26 Aug

Typically, Sundays are low-key but today featured a buffet of treats. Hotel Transylvania 3, followed by lunch with the lady at our new favorite Thai restaurant, an Instagram photoshoot at a manga art exhibit, a romp through a ginormous English book fair, and the topper: breakfast for dinner. The end.

Amazing Year Day 170: Hippomugamus

25 Aug

Today was filled with a light helping of exploration, which included wandering through a Tibetan art exhibition, Korean barbecue with the lady, and the addition of the newest member of the Cravak hippo family!


Say hello to Muggy!

Amazing Year Day 169: White on Rice

24 Aug

Crazy Rich Asians has been heavily hyped and even sports a highly fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating. Despite a few funny characters, Jaewon and I were not fooled by this typical white American film that just happens to be filled with Asians. It failed where Black Panther succeeded. Now, we may be bias, as we’ve been to Singapore, so to some it may feel like an exotic location, but for us it felt like a paid commercial. Overall, I do hope everyone checks this film out and learns about the 1% on the other side of the world while also getting a healthy taste of Asian culture. It’s worth it, and I’m glad I saw it!


Amazing Year Day 168: WTK

23 Aug

Proof that life is getting spicier by the bottle.


What the Ketchup is this?


Amazing Year Day 167: Double Firsts

22 Aug

First First: Badminton

Yes, I played badminton for the first time. It better have been my first time, because if not the mantra “practice makes perfect” is certainly not true. Let’s hope it is. Until next time!

Second First: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

74. Breakfast at Tiffany's.jpg

I have longed been obsessed with this film (at least the title), yet I have never seen the entire movie. I recall my parents watching it on occasion and the scene where two characters sit amongst a myriad of park benches glued itself to my memory banks. And thanks to Deep Blue Something’s catchy song of the same name, a viewing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is long overdue. Overall, I didn’t quite care for the film, but it stuck with me and I’m hungry for more ’50s & ’60s movies.