Amazing Year Day 122: Homecoming

8 Jul

Road Trip Day 5: Toledo Zoo

Ohio is arguably the state richest in world-class zoos, so naturally Toledo in the north west corner may not be on the top of your list with Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati all boasting beautiful zoos. However, the Toledo Zoo has been on my bucket list for many a year for two cool reasons: 1.) they built the first hippo exhibit with underwater viewing, and 2.) it’s where my friend Hannah lived, so I wanted to visit her city’s “pride and joy.” Today, was the day I finally got to see this place with my own eyes. It’s not the biggest zoo, or even close to being the best, but you can tell with every exhibit that they are doing everything they can to get the most out of it, therefore making it a worthwhile experience. While some zoos tear down their archaic menageries, Toledo recycles them. It was amazing to see a big cat house converted into a trendy restaurant. Good on ya Toledo. Nice zoo!


Road Trip Day 5: Cedar Point

When meeting new people and my coasterly obsession surfaces, people often ask, “Have you been to Cedar Point?” These days I just smile, pause, and say “Where do I begin?” Sandusky’s coaster-filled gem is more than an amusement park to me, and tonight I realized that it truly is “home.” Despite boasting my favorite coaster (Magnum XL-200), I chose to further adopt my rebellious persona and often insisted that King’s Island, or Six Flags Magic Mountain were superior amusement parks. This is even after multiple visits and having worked there for an entire summer lifting lazy kids out of cars in Kiddy Kingdom. But tonight, my solo visit through the gate, midway, and queues, confirmed that Cedar Point truly is the world’s greatest amusement park. I moved through the descending darkness on this fine Sunday night not worrying about how many rides I would get in, but rather breathing it all in. I was home, and I can’t wait until I can visit again.

And that brings the road trip to its dramatic end. Overall, it wasn’t the solo-trip I had designed, but it turned out to be a fantastic time! Thanks, Mom!

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