Amazing Year Day 86: World’s Longest…

2 Jun


Our 8th Grade Graduation Trip to Japan has commenced, and I have the “honor” of serving as a chaperone.

“World’s longest suspension” in isolation sound like a miserable, foreboding consequence… unless you add the word “bridge.” I was excited to see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, until I saw it.


Sarcastic Hand Gesture

“Okay, now what?”

Thanks a lot Kobe. At least San Francisco painted their bridge a lovely red and had the cast of Full House zoom down it in the opening credits. You need more that gold laced ice cream to market your elevated floating road.

The remainder of the day in Kobe was quite enjoyable as we checked out local malls and feasted at an all-you-eat-heart-attack yakinu (grilled meat) restaurant.



Bonus Hippo Sighting

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