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Amazing Year Day 62: Proud Teacher

9 May

Roles evolve. Pedagogy adapts. Goals change. Yet there is a constant for effective teaching: successful students. Success defined and measured by the students themselves. Unions can continue to raise their picketing signs, but my “bonus” is seeing former students thrive. Whether or not we truly made a difference in their life is not the point, it’s to believe in the individual and follow their life as a diehard fan. To all students, we are rooting for!

So naturally when I woke up to this message inspiration swam through me:

“(Clears throat) Crave you are the teacher that helped shaped me and pushed me to be great. You took no slack from me and challenged me whenever necessary. I almost didn’t go to graduate school. But then I mentioned it to you and you quickly shut down my fears. Ten years later, I’m forever grateful for you. You are truly amazing and I thank you for always believing in me. Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!”

I treat others as I wish to be treated, and I want to be pushed to the brink of perfection. I need it. Not every student does, but it’s our duty as educators to find a way to fuel the fire. The student who graciously donated those words above, didn’t need much from me. She was starting to strut a path of success when I noticed her spark. She just needed a reminder once in a while. She’s right though, I believed in her and still do. The true power of her message is that she proved to herself and to all of us that she can, did, and continues to rock! This is a celebration of someone looking back on their life with gratitude and feeling proud. I’m proud of too and will follow her lead and reflect on those who helped me get to where I am going!