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Amazing Year Day 60: The Movie Effect

7 May

It becomes apparent after viewing a film that I wasn’t on the outside looking in, but rather the soul of the movie had entered my entire being. Following Gladiator, I marched home in bellicose fashion. Following, 500 Days of Summer I felt the urge to foster a hopeless crush on a would-be heartbreaker. This is why I don’t dare spy a horror film. It will follow me home, and into my waking nightmares.

Today’s film was The Square, a 2017 Cannes entry is about an art museum curator’s personal and professional trauma after being pick-pocketed while also dealing with the struggle to keep his collection newsworthy in the controversy-laden social media landscape.

57. The Square

The film pretends to be your normal cinema experience, though writer and director Ruben Ostlund makes his cynical views on humanity abundantly clear through beggar-filled backdrops and a gut-wrenching scene where a performance artist refuses to give up the act and nearly rapes an innocent dinner guest.

Needless to say, the movie stayed with me. I admired the what and how of the production, yet I did not care for negative aura that lingered in my thoughts. I hadn’t felt such disillusionment since reading Lord of the Flies. Perhaps this was Ostlund’s goal all along. Bravo, and shame on you! #ohwell