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Amazing Year Day 58: Music to the Rescue

5 May

“It’s Saturday. Woohoo! Wait, why am I up at 7am? Oh yeah, I need to work.”

Fast forward to 1pm. Exiting school, stretching arms, embracing the sun… “Hello again, Saturday!” Then National Board Certification renewal (20+ pages) called. “Oh yeah, about that…” Did I get to it? “Zzzzzzzzzzz”

“It’s Saturday! What time is it? 5pm? Then National Board Certification renewal knocked on the door. I didn’t answer. Instead, my friends Mr. and Mrs. Music came swinging through the speakers.

So maybe I didn’t lay down the pages as planned, but damn was I a DJ of destiny. Relaxed. Refueled. Ready. Bring on Sunday. We’ll pretend it’s Saturday.