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Amazing Year Day 45: Tied Knot & First Cut

22 Apr

Congratulations to one of our cherished school members on her beautifully grand wedding. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day. May you both find trust, fulfilment, and happiness today, tomorrow, and forever!

As the night swept in I was reminded of my “amazing” quest, and it was time for another first…

I purchased my first pineapple and for the very first time cut it up. Special thanks to YouTube and to my wife for convincing me to take a bite. Much like “green eggs and ham,” I thought I didn’t like pineapple in a house, with a mouse, nor in a boat, or in a moat. It turns out that’s all true. But I do like fresh pineapple. I do! Well, permitting it’s as ripe-ishly fresh as this bad bear was!