Amazing Year Day 44: This and That

21 Apr

A whirlwird of little thises and thatses greeted my curious soul.

“Hello Chinese” has proven to be the most successful attempt at developing a smidgen sense of Mandarin Chinese. Almost all of the phrases can be used in my daily life, except for the one below…


Journeying with my wife to Taipei a revisit to Baba Kevin’s for another barbelicious meal was in order!


At midday, I received a turbulent CT scan for dental purposes. You don’t realize how out of shape you are until you struggle to stand up while the technicians work through a eponymous difficulty.

Books #27 and #28 of the year were also put to a close. The former being legendary (so I read) comic book creator Neal Adams having a recent go at DC’s Deadman, with the latter the 6th book in the hilariously honest Ellray Jakes chapter book series. Don’t let the age of kid lit’s primary (pun intended) audience fool you, there are NUGGETS of golden diction within each page. For example…

“She’s a dreamer! But I guess I already knew that. That’s probably what writers are.”

Channeling my inner child, I pondered what a fancy cheese plate would look like to a kid so I made such a contraption. Only if I add this to a child character in a story it will also feature frozen mozzarella sticks on account of how “I’m not allowed to use the oven”


A Child’s Cheeseplate: cheddar cheese, macaroni and cheese, and cheese curls.

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