Amazing Year Day 35: Half Way There

12 Apr

“I watch movies to exercise my soul.”

One hundred never-before-seen movies per year. It’s been this way for quite some time, and typically I’m able to accomplish this goal. However, in 2017, I fell short with only 71 new movies watched. Just like those riled up youngsters in D.C., I screamed “NEVER AGAIN!”

This year I vowed to obliterate my cinematastic quest, and fellow warriors I am well on my way. As of today, April 12, there have been 102 days in this wonderful year, and I have proudly knocked off 50 films already. This isn’t some mindless task, it’s a way for me to 1.) relax, 2.) enrich my soul, 3.) study narrative techniques, 4.) learn more about the world, and 5.) catch up on those classics and revered films outside of the U.S. so I can carry a pop-culture chat with folks of all ages and cultures (not intelligence though, I don’t do dumb).

Of the fifty films, some were disastrous doozies and were vengefully labeled them with two or less stars: Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, Ingrid Goes West, Lady Bird, Watership Down, I Kill Giants. As a side note, Dune was “awarded” Dune with two stars, but since images, dialogue, and concepts are still floating in my head, it’s been promoted to three. I’ve also been lucky enough to spy an equal number of of five star films: This Beautiful Fantastic, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, Paprika, Bad Moms, and The Only Living Boy in New York. 

I’m already thinking that this could be the year to hit 200. However, as my last post preached, it’s important to mix imagination with reality. So… let’s keep the eye on teh 100 prize, and then I can worry about a higher goal.

Without further ado here are those 50 fortunate films.


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