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Amazing Year Day 33: The New 4

10 Apr

It’s been said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” What if the old dog teaches himself?

I’ve dragged my pen across paper long enough to fill the oceans with my words. Despite the consistency and practice, I’m rarely content with my penmanship. A few years back, I began a revolution to devote more time and energy to completing the half-circle of the lowercase “e” so that it doesn’t sloppishly (we’re allowed to makeup words) mimic a “c.” That took nearly all of my heart and soul.

If this is to be an amazing year where I look at things from different perspectives, then the time was ripe to reinvent another letter, or perhaps a numeral. Zeroing in the numeral four, I noticed that ever since my fingers grasped the pen, I have been rocking the open pronged 4.

Numeral 4

The one (or rather the 4) on the far right has been my patented “4.”

Alas closure was needed, so I decided in my “infinite” creativity to rock the right triangle look. I gotta say ever since I’ve implementing this design, I’ve been feeling quite fantastic!

New Number 4

Now appearing in my journals everywhere!