Amazing Year Day 5

13 Mar

Today was the day I heard the news, and from a dentist, an endodontist to be exact. Prognosis negative. Even a hero of pristine white monuments far and wide was unable to save my little guy. It’s sad to see another tooth bite the dust. So I wrote a poem in memory of my friend who I abandoned for most, okay all of its life.

Bye Tooth

The truth is

you’re not even alive

you’ve been a dead corpse

for many a month

a tombstone reminder

of what once was

it feels just like yesterday

okay not really

that you were a budding flower

in a bountiful garden

where the waters flowed

with sugar

and more sugar

I don’t even want to write this

stupid poem

but tooth, you weren’t


you just wanted to live

(tear break)

as long as I did

I couldn’t even give you that

thank you for your service

little guy

for all those raisinettes, and dead cow patties you chewed your way through

for when the chocolate got hot, and the icees ran cold

we will build a bridge in your honor

or drill a hole with a tooth that won’t die like your pathetic…

sorry that was uncalled for

you’re the victim here

I am the villain

(dessert break: nutella with crackers)

sorry I’m just too focused on the nutella right now

bye tooth

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