The Amazing Year Prelude

8 Mar

“There is no such thing as a ‘year.’ Only 365 individual days.”

I swore to always be a Toys’R’Us kid frolicking in Neverland, yet Father Time has been aggressively chipping away at my youthful spirit. Now on the verge of turning 37, I’m grateful for having a loving wife, family, and friends and for all intensive purposes a blessed life, yet a sludgy numbness has begun to encase me. Curiosity only glimmers once in a great while. I feel a void of zestful eagerness in my life.  I am proud of finally publishing one of my children’s stories, and I continue to write and revise for various mediums… but I just know that I can do better, so thankfully someone showed me how…

“In one year, you get 365 chances to improve. There is no excuse for not kicking butt each and every year!”

To chronicle the last year of her 30s, my friend Claire remarkably posted a photo for each day of her 39th year. I must say that it was truly astonishing to see how Claire embraced her husband Neal, family, friends, and truly lived each day to the fullest. It’s also important to know that she had an extremely positive and uplifting year both personally and professionally. Is this a coincidence? No way, Jose (or whoever you are). She was thankful, upbeat, grateful, persistent, and consistent. These are surely ingredients for success.  Thank you Claire for setting such an awesome example in living.

“For a dream to come to true, you must tackle a nightmare of a challenge EACH and EVERY day.”

Now I aim to the do same. I am a published author, yet I still don’t call myself a writer. Why? Because I haven’t made it a consistent routine. Until this happens, there will always be a void in my life. In addition, the more I push myself to live each day to the fullest and stay consistent with updating and sharing with the world (or Jose, you, and whoever else reads this), then I too will be able to treat myself to an AMAZING YEAR of becoming a happy writer and hopefully can inspire you as Claire inspired me!

“Years come and go quickly when you are in your thirties. Probably because we forget to treat each day as one lifetime.”

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